[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”25013374″] Nowadays, having a great LinkedIn profile is as important as having an attractive portfolio or a thorough resume. Yet sometimes a promo model has to deal with the added complexity of having a large number of gigs and no time to spend on perfecting her digital presence.  However, recruiters use LinkedIn frequently to reach out and gather as much promotional talent as possible, so having an incomplete or uninviting profile can really hurt your chances of being booked or contacted by the top experiential marketing agencies. To help you out, we have taken a look at the most common flaws found in brand ambassadors’ and event experts’ LinkedIn profiles, and give you a few essential tricks to tweak it up.  

How to improve your Promo Model LinkedIn profile

  1. Catch recruiters’ eyes with a great headshot

It’s a known fact that recruiters using LinkedIn to find a capable promo model will give a lot of importance to each candidate’s image. Not having a profile picture, or having an unprofessional-looking image, might hurt your chances of being contacted and hired for the job. After all, a promotional model will become the face of the company during the event. Still, you shouldn’t just use any profile picture for your LinkedIn account. Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, where most people use funny and casual pictures of themselves, you will need a very professional looking portrait that tells your potential employees you are ready to work with them. Keep in mind this list of Dos and Don’ts when you are choosing a new picture for your profile:
  •         DO: stand in front of a neutral background.
  •         DON’T: use extravagant or casual backgrounds for your headshot.
  •         DO: groom yourself up.
  •         DON’T: overuse makeup, accessories or use any element that covers your face.
  •         DO: smile and look approachable.
  •         DON’T: make obscene or informal gestures.
  •         DO: use a photo focused on your face, up to your shoulders.
  •         DON’T: use a photo where you are accompanied by other people, or try to fit your entire body in the pic.
Consider your LinkedIn profile picture your doorway to new job opportunities. For a recruiter, first-impressions are extremely important. Recruiters are usually looking for a very specific type of person, and even if you don’t have all the physical traits they are looking for, sometimes looking like a responsible, ready-to-work person might just get you the job!  

How to change your LinkedIn picture

1-      Login to your LinkedIn profile 2-      Hover over the picture / gray square next to your name 3-      Click on “Change photo” 4-    Upload your picture and adjust it to the proper size. LinkedIn will give you a preview of how your image will appear across LinkedIn. 5-      Click on “Save” and check the results!  
  1. Use the right words in your summary and position

In our digital world, using the proper words in order to be found is everything! As a marketing expert, a promo model knows that there are many ways of defining their profession: from “promotional model” to “product specialist”, the more accurate terms you use, the better your chance of being found will be. In your LinkedIn profile you have at least three key-elements where using the right word might help you craft a better profile and rank higher in LinkedIn’s –and Google’s- search engine: your Professional Headline, your Summary and your Experience section. By inserting keywords such as “promo girl”, “event specialist”, “team lead”, etc.; to your descriptions and taglines, you can ensure a recruiter that you are exactly the type of staff member they need for their event. Your Summary and Experience sections allow you a lot of characters to expand upon your abilities and titles, so make sure you use them smartly and, most importantly, add these terms to your text organically –in other words, make sure you avoid repeating them over and over in a senseless string! For a bonus boost, make sure you also set your “Industry” to “Marketing and Advertising”  

How to change your Professional Headline, Summary or Experience section

1-     Login to your LinkedIn profile. 2-   To change your Professional Headline, click on the line right under your name and edit the content. Then click on “Save”. 3-   To change your Summary, look for the “Add summary” under your main profile card and click on it. Write a few paragraphs about your experience, interests and abilities. Then click on “Save”. 4-   To change your Experience section, scroll down and click con “Add position”. Fill the data requested by the form, and click on “Save”. You can add as many positions as you want.  
  1. Invest some time in your “Experience” section

A successful promo model knows that experience is truly important in the business, and most recruiters will favor a candidate with an exhaustive knowledge about the industry over other less practiced applicants. Luckily, LinkedIn allows you to turn your profile into a resume of sorts where you can list every company and brand you have ever worked with. For a promo model that has participated in too many events, it might seem next to impossible to list every single activation, tradeshow and fair they’ve ever attended, but there are ways to go around this issue and still have a very complete, attractive profile. The best way to provide information about your capability is to start by listing the agencies you have worked with and then name the brands you have represented in the description. Once you have done this, make sure you list the abilities you developed or used while you worked with them, since this is what recruiters really want to know.   Another great plus of LinkedIn’s “Experience” section is that you can attach documents, photos, presentations and more to support each of your descriptions. For a promo model, this gives you the chance to show off your skills and your knowledge of the field. Filling your “Experience” section might take a while, but don’t be discouraged by all the hard work it might take! It will definitely pay off in the end!  

How to change your “Experience” section

1-      Login to your LinkedIn profile. 2-      Scroll down to the “Experience” box, right under your Summary. 3-      Click on “Add position” and fill the data. Then, click “Save”. 4-    Once saved, you can add a photo, link, video, etc.; by clicking on one of the gray boxes next to “Add Media”, under the position you have just added. 5-     To add another position, click con “Add position” and follow the same process.  
  1. Ask your network to certify your skills

For recruiters looking for promotional talent on LinkedIn, it’s very important to find persons that are reliable, experienced and capable. The best way to cause a good first impression on the people who are looking at your profile is to provide social as well as physical proof of your abilities. One of the simplest way to get started is to get your colleagues, associates and former employers to validate one of your abilities on your “Skills & Endorsements” section. You will find it inside a small box usually located under “Experience”. There, you can place as many abilities and skills as you want to create a thorough list people can check out when they look at your profile. Once your list of skills is ready, then the process of getting your validation begins! If you are a bold person, you can ask your network to endorse you directly via InMail by sending a friendly yet professional message. If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can endorse some of your friends’ skills and hope they will return the favor!  

How to add abilities to your “Skills & Endorsements” section

1-      Login to your LinkedIn profile. 2-      Scroll down to your “Skills & Endorsements” box. 3-      Click on “Add Skill”. 4-      On the next screen, select “Yes” next to “I want to be endorsed”. 5-      Select the option “Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections”. 6-    Under “Add & Remove” you will find a small search box. As you start typing, the search box will suggest possible skills. 7-      Once you find an ability you want to add, click on it and then click on “Add”. 8-      You can also manage your skills and validations by clicking on “Manage Endorsements”. 9-      Once you have made all the changes you need, click on “Save”.  
  1. Show examples whenever you can

In the highly competitive events industry proof is everything! This is an unavoidable truth, not only for agencies and marketers, but also for a promo model looking to book a few extra gigs. It’s not enough to say you are “a people person”, or that you have “wonderful leadership skills”. A great LinkedIn profile must be able to visually show these features. Most people believe “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”, and recruiters are definitely not an exception. If you have pictures or videos to support your experience in events, if you have published blog posts or articles related to your industry in important blogs or magazines, if you have received any sort of recognition for your efforts during your career…then don’t be afraid to attach it to your profile if you want to create a truly rich database that catches recruiters’ eyes. To add photos, videos, presentations, etc.; you can scroll up and follow the instructions under the How to change your “Experience” section point. Also, don’t be afraid to use your Cover picture to show even more examples of your abilities. For example: you can create an exciting collage with pictures of your various events.  

How to add more sections

1-      Login to your LinkedIn profile. 2-    Scroll down under your main profile box and look at the options available. You can click on “View More” to expand the full list of available sections. 3-      Click on the gray button with the Call-to-Action under the box you want to add. 4-      Fill the data and click “Save”.   Presto! Your LinkedIn profile is more than ready! Now, don’t forget to register in our website so we can get in touch with you as soon as there’s a new event available in your location. And make sure you share this post with your friends in the industry, so they too can give a boost to their professional profile! [su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted”]
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