16 Jun 2017

Recruitment 3.0

From the early days of the Internet, people have immersed themselves in the digital world. However, this platform did not allow its users to have the necessary tools for them to interact with each other in its beginnings. With the evolution of the “network of networks” changes have been more significant, to the extent that one can be connected and interacting with others through handheld devices such as smartphones. Likewise, personal relationships have changed with the help of the Internet and, with this, the world of marketing has also had the need to generate new strategies, among which are a web-based recruitment system. Currently, job searching is not based solely on traditional media, because thanks to the Internet looking for jobs as well as making requests for new staff have become a quick and successful activity. It is not easy for companies to find the ideal candidates, first of all because the recruitment process requires investing time and money. Multiple companies have resorted to innovative methods that have allowed them to find partners in the best technological environments. This online recruitment tool allows to find and contact individuals who meet the requirements and feel identified with the image or business goals of companies. Recruiters 3.0 should have a series of knowledge and abilities in the area of marketing, psychology and coaching to help them identify and select suitable candidates. It is essential that organizations in search of talent keep both their web sites and social networks up to date. Recruiters should be familiar with the organization of the company and work together with the heads of each area to understand the needs of each of them. By applying these techniques, they are able to find the people with the right profile. The candidates of the so-called web 3.0 are demanding people, that is to say, they are generally not satisfied with simply seeing a job opening, but also to know in depth the sector where they wish to work. What’s more, they like to assess the innovative technology systems offered by the institution. It is necessary to know how to get to the candidates through the web, because most people use their smartphones when looking for a job. For this reason, it is necessary that job advertisements have quick and easy access for applicants. Gamification is also one of the tools that improves the process of search and attraction of talent, at the same time helping candidates to adapt in digital environments. This technique puts applicants to the test with a series of challenges they need to overcome using their skills as they move through different levels. With gamification, firms obtain a quicker and more cost effective recruitment process. Some companies use mobile apps, but this option is often expensive and does not produce the desired results, so in many cases they opt for specific alerts on mobile phones that show up when new job openings are posted. Thus, companies and organizations wishing to implement recruitment 3.0 should use appropriate techniques that not only allow them to lure in a high number of candidates, but also conduct the necessary tests and analysis on each one of them. This talent search system is carried out in real time by the recruiter on candidates, and it will be necessary to take the time to analyze, interpret and review each of the profiles selected.
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