Artificial Intelligence (AI) is directly related to computational tools, which seeks to imitate human intelligence. AI was conceived in reference to different systems created by humans as rational beings that are not alive. This kind of intelligence consists of the design and development of processes that generate a response.

Many times when we are developing a project, we believe that we will obtain good results by dedicating many hours to it or by having the necessary collaboration of our work team, but the truth is that there is no way to guarantee that our work is being developed in the right way when the […]

Bait advertising, or bait-and-switch, is known as a misleading and illegal advertising or sales model that involves fake publications, promotions and the offering of products and services. It refers to an appealing offer that attracts customers by hiding the details of the seller. The purpose of this type of advertising is to change the goods […]

16 Jun 2017

Recruitment 3.0

From the early days of the Internet, people have immersed themselves in the digital world. However, this platform did not allow its users to have the necessary tools for them to interact with each other in its beginnings. With the evolution of the “network of networks” changes have been more significant, to the extent that one can […]